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The case is used to illustrate the complex dynamics of Special Operations care on the modern battlefield and the exceptional outcomes possible when evidence-based medicine is taken to the warfighter with effective, farforward, expeditionary medical-force projection. When evaluating what appear to be routine overuse injuries, it is important to actively include other potential causes of musculoskeletal complaints in the differential diagnosis.Further investigation of disease in patients whose symptoms and complaints do not improve with routine conservative care is paramount.Reactive arthritis, though self-limiting in two-thirds of those affected, can become a chronic disabling disease affecting as many as 40 out of 100 patients. (Journal Article)Abstract The 2010 Department of Defense (Do D) Instruction 6000.16, Military Health Support for Stability Operations, established medical stability operations as a core military mission.Current theories suggest the persistent presence of non-culturable bacteria and bacterial antigens residing in the joint synovia as the etiology of the disease state. National military leaders appreciated that to better manage risks for US military personnel operating in far forward locations, reduce cost and footprint requirements for operations, and aid partner nations with providing service to relevant populations in underserviced/undergoverned the US military would need to be employed strategically in efforts to build partner nation medical capacity.Due to the inherent nature of forced entry operations (restrictive terrain, lack of medical infrastructure, etc.) TF Dagger and TF Sword utilized 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) [SOAR (A)] rotary wing aircraft solely for the Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) operations during the first months of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. This study analyzed SOF medics' learning and practice patterns and compared it to the evidence in the interdisciplinary clinical literature.

Data were collected from participants' answers on a multiple-choice test before and after undertaking the training.Procedural data was recorded for each attempt and pre and post experience perceptions were collected. All subjects reported their varied previous intubation experience.The average airway score using DL: for the Storz VL was 1.54 (SD = 0.576) and for the C-MAC was 1.46 (SD = 0.637).A second lesson is that the primary cause of preventable death in these types of incidents involving explosives and firearms is massive hemorraghe.

Objective: There is a need to develop a training oriented to citizens so they can identify and use available resources to avoid preventable deaths that occur in this kind of incidents, especially massive hemorrhage.

We hope that you find this list of peer-reviewed tactical medicine journal articles to be a useful tool in your research.


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