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You may now read " DBLP " as " The server indexes more than 955000 articles and contains several thousand links to home pages of computer scientists (November 2007). The pages contain links to the tables of contents (TOCs) of the proceedings or journal volumes.

Bibliographic information on the proceedings, information on upcomming events and pointers to Web pages of the publishers are integrated into the36.

Linear Logic In Computer Science TMR Network LINEAR Logic IN computer science. The LINEAR research network action is part of the european Training and Mobility for Researchers programme.



It's about being able to say what is definitely the case given what is already known..it's fun to do. They are similar to Soduko, but with a crossword format.Not only has it historically formed the roots of computer science, both Church's and Turing's work being motivated by the decision problem for first-order logic, but nowadays we are finding conversely that computer science is generating an explosion of interest in logic, with the desire to automate reasoning and the necessity to prove programs correct.Basically, logic is about formalizing language and reasoning, and computer science addresses similar problems with the extra task, having formalized them, of expressing those formalizations, in the technical sense of producing mechanisms which follow the rules that they lay down.It is helping to suggest new ideas for logical analysis and these logical ideas are, in turn, allowing computer science to develop further.

The two subjects have each contributed to the growth of the other and still are, and in combination they form an exciting and rapidly growing field of study.11.

The DBLP server provides bibliographic information on major computer science journals and proceedings .



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