Paul rudd dating history

Both his parents are from the UK, so Paul’s admitted to feeling a close bond with our country and recalls British ‘candy’ and tea as some of his earliest memories.

‘That counts for something when you’re a kid,’ he said.

In 2011, Jen revealed the famous pair were together ‘when we were, like, 12’.

Paul’s a bit British He loves England – and, well, who can blame him?

Paul Rudd turns 45 today so we take a look at the love of his life!

Paul Rudd We often see him play the devoted husband and it would appear that this character is very close to his off screen relationship style.

He told Elle magazine that his parents were married his whole life, and it seems that is something he wants to mimic in his own family unit, having now been with his wife for 16 years.

The pair have two children together; Jack Sullivan and Darby.


Well, turns out he’s actually that delightful in real life, too.

He’s a dab hand at DJing Paul, 46, isn’t just a fab actor.


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