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While not constructed to take the place of traditional therapy, we here at feel that free online therapy may be a convenient and economical way to begin to address some of the needs of a potential therapy patient.Free online therapy is an outgrowth of paid online counseling, which itself is a new method of traditional therapy.A potential user of a free online therapy website should still check the credentials of the organizers of the site to ascertain if they are being presented by a qualified doctor or organization.Most free online therapy is done anonymously, as opposed to regular online therapy sessions, which impose a fee for their services and therefore require personal information.The "chatbot" sites may present a list of options designed to narrow down the basis of the problem, such as type of problem, duration of problem, etc.Through this method it may give general solutions or strategies a patient can use to address the issue.The old saying "You get what you pay for" is very rarely complimentary but with free online therapy you may actually be getting more.Free online therapy is a relatively new innovation that takes advantage of the growth of the online community and the convenience of online services.

Free online therapy often serves as a "pre-treatment" method whereby a patient can assess the level of treatment they require.With a few websites, the free online therapy assessment may be conducted by a "chatbot", which is a computer program that can read and understand responses and ask related questions.


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