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It’s interesting how a lot of restaurants are serving ‘blue collar’ foods (like mac and cheese, hamburgers etc) but making them with high-quality, organic ingredients and putting modern twists on them.

It’s almost like how blue jeans became a nice pair of pants.

Here’s a fake one while I wait.” “How did our photos leak,” the couple jokingly replied.

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On Thursday, Karmin's Amy Heidemann slyly took the last name of her longtime fiancé and bandmate Nick Noonan. A few hours ago, Kim posted a picture and a message to her Instagram account that hit back at SJP after Parker had offered her condolences to the Cattrall family over the death of Kim's brother Chris a week ago.

Amy made the coy switch on Twitter, which caused the group's fans to FREAK OUT. Not only did the songstress change her name, but she also referred to Nick as her "hubby" in a post promoting an upcoming appearance at SXSW: Who knew lyric videos could be so dang sexy???


We sat down with them to get the scoop on the inspiration for the album and how they manage to eat clean even while traveling.Nicholas Louis "Nick" Noonan is a member of the pop duo Karmin with Amy Heidemann, his wife.Nick usually does the rhythm, plays instruments, and sings the harmonies for Karmin.It's almost like the pair have been married for years…

especially since they've been together since their days at Berklee College of Music! Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, the singer-songwriters that make up the pop group Karmin, are now a married couple!


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