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    I seriously doubt it for he is a man without integrity and seemingly a man without true heart.

  3. eric   •  

    Girls were as young as 12 when they married, and boys as young as 17.

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    Miami's elite are ready to celebrate Alexia's Magazine Venue Party, but Adriana is not in party mode.

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    Practice being a good communicator, which means expressing yourself well and being a good listener.

  6. eric   •  

    The curfew time depends on the woman, but don’t be surprised if you are dating a girl who is 25 and she insists she has to be home by 10pm.

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    If you want to do it without Facebook, here are eight options.

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    To sign up all you have to do is: Enter a username, password, date of birth, and gender Entering your personal e-mail address is optional, and only required to receive friend notifications, broadcast and pay out reminders, and verification.

  9. eric   •  

    Because he likes sports and hunting, he assumes that “real men” like sports and hunting.

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