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For the record, Martinez has a .276 career batting average, the best of any of the new hires, raising the average BA for the current crop of skippers to .268.The number dips to .253 if you take out Don Mattingly and Hall of Famer Paul Molitor.While the coaching résumé looks scant, he was general manager for Criollos de Caguas in the Puerto Rican Winter League for five seasons, including two campaigns as manager.He is the first former Red Sox player to manage the club since Butch Hobson from 1992 to 1994.This will be the 30th season of professional baseball for the 53-year-old Martinez, who played for nine clubs, including the Expos, over 16 seasons.Martinez has waited patiently for this opportunity, interviewing for several openings in recent seasons, including the Nats job after the 2013 season that went to Matt Williams.


But there is something different about the Class of 2018.

A healthy dose of managerial changes is nothing new.


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