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I slowly moved my mouth towards it and extended my tongue to lick it. I started to lick the whole shaft from top to bottom and poured all my saliva onto it. Its veins were sticking out as if they are going to burst. Orgawes cock expanded to its full size and became hard as a rock and could not be less than 10 inches long. My legs, pussy and buttock cheeks had widened on his broad shoulders and he had a clean vision of all my holes. I was spurting juices of orgasms and Orgawe licked them clean.Orgawe was enjoying with his eyes closed and muttered Mmmmmmm, Ooooohhhhh. Orgawe took out his long tongue and started to clean me up right from my ass-hole to my pussy crack upto my clitoris. His tongue moved from down to up like a dog and I was writhing on the bed uncontrollably. Orgawe occasionally pushed his tongue deep into my pussy and at times he tickled at my ass-hole. This ordeal of this heavenly pleasure of sucking my pussy stopped after twenty minutes or ardent licking and sucking and Orgawe lifted me off his shoulders and placed me on the edge of the bed in missionary position.While he was sucking one boob, he was pinching the other nipple and cupping the other boobs.He brought both his hands on to both my buttock cheeks , pulled me to him and sucked both my boobs taking turns.Yeeeaaah Orgawe, fuck me , fuck me , fuck me, keep on fucking me, push it deeper and harder, keep it going, bang, bang, bang, harder, deeper, fuck, fuck,fuck me Orgaweooohhhaaahhhmmmm, it is so lovely.


The doorbell rang and to my surprise I found Orgawe rolling in my orders. I immediately placed another order for a cocktail and asked him to bring it at 9. I sipped on my second cocktail and I decided not to waste any more time and straightaway asked him Orgawe, what is your opinion of me? You are a guest in my countryyou are very lovely and beautiful lady and have great sex appeal. I asked him again Orgawe, if you have nothing else to do for the night, why dont you spend the night with me? He was 7 feet tall and was towering over my 5 7 height and he lifted me on his lap and planted one of the best and passionate kisses I have ever experienced.

I was working as a Senior Marketing Manager for a garment export firm in Kolkata. I was 34 years, very fair, with stunning looks and a perfect figure of 36-24-38. Every man who would pass by me was bound to give me a back stare admiring my buttocks.



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