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That is until I realized I still hadn’t shopped correctly.

You can’t eat strawberries and rice cakes for three meals a day; trust me, I’ve tried.

Yeah, apparently the entire world doesn’t operate on that same principle.

Everyone back at home is willing to turn their heads or even let you act like a total ass from time to time because they’ve been around you long enough to know all your good qualities as well.

I guess everyone’s just booty-tickled that their city has no originality with words and isn’t awesomely creative.

You know all that food always in the cupboards and refrigerator back at home?


Each state and every city is so unique in views of the world, and I, unfortunately, learned that the hard way when I had one of my first politically-sparked debates.

No, I do not want to let you have a guest over, only so I can hear the passionate noises of love making as I try my hardest to fall asleep because tomorrow I have a full day with way too much work to do. After high school, you won’t meet a single person who cares if you were prom queen, or if you faded into the background and found yourself on the lowest quadrant of the social hierarchy.

But, have you always had a secret desire to show the world that maybe you’re worth a little more than a half-hearted nod in a crowded, smelly school hallway? No one can stop you; no one can tell you it’s not who you are because, like I said before, moving out of state is a clean slate.

A little over a year ago, I graduated from high school and was nearly wetting my pants with excitement over the all-too-soon reality that would be me packing my bags and jumping on a plane that would take me from California to New York.

Leaving my old life behind also terrified me; there’s comfort in familiarity, and there’s nothing familiar about living on your own for the first time in a state you’ve hardly even visited before.

You’re guaranteed to be a pro after a month or so, and eventually, you’ll be writing directions on someone’s hand so they know where they’re going.


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