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French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron (R) and his wife Brigitte Trogneux arrive for a state dinner in honor of King Willem and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands at the Elysee Palace in Paris on March 10, 2016.

AFP PHOTO / BERTRAND GUAY / AFP / BERTRAND GUAY (Photo credit should read BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)Former French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte applaud a speech during a meeting of his political movement, 'En Marche' (On the Move), on October 11, 2016 in Le Mans, northwestern France.

The image invokes mid-life crises and almost a lack of morals, suggesting these women are almost animalistic.

On social media, critics of the presidential front-runner frequently refer to his wife using the term cougar and call him a "mama's boy".

Two months later, Kris debuted her new boyfriend, Corey Gamble, who at the time was 33 to her 59. That's just — and I say it to her all the time — weird.

Khloe Kardashian poked fun at her mom's most recent romance, telling in 2015, "My mom is living the good life right now. Hearing them have sex is wild and I'm traumatized." Robin Wright was stuck in a tumultuous marriage with Sean Penn for 13 years until they divorced in 2010. Love is possible as life is possible." In 2011, Jennifer Lopez, then 41, and third husband Marc Anthony, then 42, separated after seven years of marriage (and sharing twins Max and Emme). It doesn't matter, it's just whether or not I'm attracted to them or not — their spirit, their soul, whatever." Director Sam Taylor-Johnson (then known as Sam Taylor-Wood) was 42 years old and married to art dealer Jay Jopling when she met 17-year-old actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson (then known as Aaron Johnson) on the set of reported that Sam and Jopling's marriage was over.

(1987), and while they never officially married, they were together for 23 years and had two children before calling it quits in December 2009.

Almost immediately after their split, Sarandon began dating SPi N New York ping pong club co-founder Jonathan Bricklin, who is 31 years younger than her.

When they filed for divorce in September 2014, Kris was 58 to Caitlyn's 64. Why is a 32-year-old, or whatever he is, why is he talking to a 50-fabulous-something woman?

She later moved on to Brahim Zaibat, who is 24 years younger than she is.

She said of her relationship with Zaibat in 2012, "I didn't choose to, you know — I didn't, like, write down on a piece of paper 'I'm now going to have a relationship with a younger man.' That's just what happened. I just met someone that I cared for, and this happened to be his age." In January 2017, she told of her penchant for youthful gents, "I've created a very unconventional family.

She told ) of the romance, "It's the soul of a person that interests me.

When you are in love, the question of age, sex, color no longer hold any importance." Unfortunately, the May-December union didn't last, and Bricklin confirmed to Madonna and Guy Ritchie announced their divorce in November 2008 after months of speculation that the marriage was over.

But you have jobs and kids and the roof is leaking and then something breaks in the basement, and then the dog has got some horrible virus, and you suddenly think: this is what my life has become." Tilda Swinton went from a much older man to a much younger one.


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