Yugi rebecca dating fanfiction


After Dartz was defeated, the gang stayed with Rebecca and her grandfather for a while.Rebecca then took part in the KC Grand Championship, where she defeats Chinese champion Vivian Wong and Abe the Monkey Man.He showed Rebecca the card Yugi had drawn before he forfeited.That card was "Soul Release", which would have allowed Yugi to remove five monsters from her Graveyard, which would have weakened the "Shadow Ghoul" just enough for Yugi's "Dark Magician" to destroy it.She is absent after the tournament ended, telling Yugi that she will Duel him again one day, and telling Téa (with a coy look) that she will miss her.Her appearance in this arc is different from her appearance in Waking the Dragons.


Yugi gave Rebecca his "The Ties of Friendship" as a reminder of this lesson, which she kept ever since.Rebecca is also the granddaughter of Arthur Hawkins.



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