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This Minton is evidently David Hampton, a half brother of John Morris and twenty three years younger, but we dont know the location of this farm except that it was located in Center Township (Bks. They came to Prairie County shortly after the 1850 Census was taken, as no Hendricks is listed in the county for that year, or it could have been that they were on the road to Arkansas at the time and missed the Census. David Hampton as stated above, came to Prairie County, in the summer or fall of 1865 and could have come with his brother Frank who was only three years older and doubtless his most intimate companion. as the testimony of no two witnesses agreed in their entirety, we fix the date of the Churchs organization at about AD 1877.

In the meantime, three half brothers of John Morris and Rebeccah Hendricks James Madison (Jimmy), Francis Marion (Frank), and Edward Priestly (Priest) sons of Silvanus and Janie Qualls, had moved from Alabama to Craighead County in Arkansas. But he had relatives in Prairie County, too, at the time John Morris a half brother, whose oldest son, Sylvanus Burl, was a little over a year older than he, and his half sister Rebeccah Hendricks who had been in Prairie County since 1850 or before.(1) Jim m __ , who had two daughters (names not given); (2) Virgie m Jim Colson (they had three daughters, Evie, May, (who married Duncan Nash) and Ollie; (3) Minnie, who married Warner Fuller and they had four children, Alpha (probably named for her grandfather Alphred) born about 1884 or 85; Luther, born about 1887; Jim, born about 1890; and a daughter born about 1897. Finally the Census report of 1880 for Prairie County shows the families of William Hendricks and Silvanus Minton together William Hendricks 68, Rebeccah 62 and immediately under their names are listed Silvanus Minton 89, and Jane 73.

One was Walters Chapel, a Missionary Baptist, three miles west and three miles north of their home site in Section 33, and a Primitive Baptist Church at Mt. Sylvanus Burl joined this church in 1870 and in 1871 took part, with his brother Sid, in the founding of the Mount Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church on the southeast corner of Sec 28, T3N R6W or less than a mile northeast of his home in Sec 33. Zion or Walters Chapel churches were founded but Elder W. Helm was pastor of the Mount Zion Church in 1870 and it was under his pastorate that Sylvanus Burl was baptized into the fellowship of this church.

So we now leave Silvanus to rest in peace in the Old Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Prairie County, Arkansas, though there are some who contend that he is buried at Pleasant Gap in the southern part of Cherokee County, Alabama.

Therefore the move to Alabama by Silvanus must have been after June 1, 1834, and, as cited above with regard to his connection with the Old Lebanon Church in South Carolina, he must have made the move later in that year, and most likely after his ordination.

The relationship of these Mintons to Silvanus has not been found at this writing but the fact that three of them were born in South Carolina (the fourth very likely the son of a South Carolina parent) plus the fact that Thomas, Joseph and James are common names in the Silvanus line suggest a blood kinship.

They had learned from experience in the rolling lands of the Piedmont in the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and Alabama, and in the rolling hills of East Tennessee and Kentucky, that a close correlation existed between certain species of the native vegetation and yields of corn.


The next hear he took part in the organization of Bethlehem Church, also in Benton County, assisted by W. Berry, and united with the Association in September following; their number of members was then 27: In their petitionary letter to the Association, they say, - Dear Brethren, We are but a small body, though at peace amongst ourselves, and we have a hope that our number will increase; therefore, dear brethren, pray for us, and visit us as often as convenient, and more especially our preaching brethren, as we have no pastor to attend to us.

According to the Census records of 18 for Prairie County, their oldest surviving son, Andrew J., was born in Arkansas in 1849 or 50 but by 1870 A. was married to a Tennessee girl and had an eight-months old daughter, Elizabeth.



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