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(There were few stores.) It made people feel better, but it was mainly because of the alcohol and drugs.

Traveling medicine shows sold the bitters, which often was the only “medicine” available in a town with no doctor. and decorated at Red Cliff with designs copying old ironstone patterns, giving customers a chance to buy something that looks “vintage” without paying vintage prices.

I bet there was a lot of tension backstage because Birdman was in the building too performing “Lifestyle” with Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug, chile bye!

Sidenote: I’ve been around Keyshia a few times and when she lauched her new shoe line with Steve Madden here in Atlanta at Lenox Mall, my friend who is a fashion designer made her a dress and asked that I give it to her since I was going to be interviewing her. She has a very horrible attitude and took the gift and sat it on the floor and didn’t even say thank you!

Figural bottles were being made by the ancient Egyptians by 1546 B. Before that, most whiskey was ladled out of a barrel into your pottery container during a visit to the distillery.Many likenesses of George Washington, the “Father of our Country,” were made to sell in 1876 because of bicentennial celebrations of the founding of the U. Simon’s Centennial Bitters was sold in a bottle shaped like a bust of Gen. His name was molded on the bottle around the bottom of the bust. A: Red Cliff Pottery was a decorating and distributing company in business in Chicago, Illinois, from 1950 to 1980. This semicircular mark was used on table and ovenware beginning in 1950. Q: I bought two Mexican Feathercraft pictures of birds in Mexico City in 1952 and am wondering if you can give me an idea of their worth.It was made by Bernard Simon of Scranton, Pennsylvania and created using clear, aqua or amber glass. The bodies and tails of the birds are made from brightly colored feathers, and their beaks and legs are painted. A: Featherwork pictures, jewelry and items of clothing were made in Mexico as early as the 1500s.I also got to witness performances inside the show from some of the year’s biggest and hottest stars! In honor of the song’s 20th Anniversary, Brandy hit the stage along with Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Yo-Yo to perform their hit song, “I Wanna Be Down” they did an awesome job and they looked so pretty on stage! I was not expecting to start crying but rap legend Doug E.

Fresh won the Award and gave a very heartfelt speech.

I'll have to remember that you are a purposeful racist and are so threatened by my asian sexiness, you tried to make me think that no women want to sleep with me which would make it easier for your ugly ass to get more girls. Who the hell goes on an Asian American blog and tells them that all Asian men are undesirable to women? I know that anger is building inside of you towards my people when you see how impressive my college degrees and resume full of large financial institutions are compared to your 9 to 5 job at a small to midsized company where you are constantly frustrated that you never pursued your true passion of whatever aristic talent you think you have. Literally, please go masturbate and stop being so angry and uptight.


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