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It seeks the right not to confuse morals with moralism.The nude is a political message, and not just since today.


“What a tragedy that such a beautiful girl ends up like this,” Mari said.

Tiziana Cantone, a native of Naples, sent the video showing her in a sex act with her then-boyfriend to a few friends. Once the video was out, Cantone began drinking heavily before moving north to Tuscany and starting the process of legally changing her name, according to media accounts.

She sought protection under Italy’s “right to be forgotten” law, which allows certain online content to be scrubbed from websites.

Indeed, it allows us to recall certain fundamental principles.


First, it’s unacceptable for anything or anyone to treat women’s bodies as mere commodities, and the same goes for any form of abuse or excess of power, in every condition and context.

The cover feature presents strong and mindful women.


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