Mandating vaccination is harmful by barbara loe fisher speed dating chic paris

Just recently a very good friend contacted me in the middle of the night.

She was so concerned over her young son receiving DTa P in the hospital that night. I know many families that don’t vaccinate, but they are still very fearful about tetanus and say that they might probably choose the tetanus vaccine if their child happened to step on a rusty nail. Most parents want to know why a child just can’t receive a tetanus vaccine?

In other words, to get sick with Tetanus, you must get the Clostridium tetani into your body, such as through the infamous example of stepping on a nail.


The incubation period is 3-21 days, the average being 8 days. The bacteria are usually found in soil, dust and manure and enter the body through breaks in the skin – usually cuts or puncture wounds caused by contaminated objects.

Many vaccine safety advocate groups say the story is not true.


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