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Nikita Anufriev and Alexey Sinitsin, project executives, made business connections with the industry leaders, prospective investors, developers and enthusiasts.They also attended the talks of the world's top blockchain experts.The Blockchain Summit held in Zug (Switzerland) has attracted key experts from all over the world.Nikita Anufriev and Alexey Sinitsin have presented a project at the poster session.As the largest event of a kind, the expo has provided the guests and participants with a unique chance to join multiple roundtables and panel discussions with cryptoindustry leaders, attend the presentations of new products, and succsssful ICOs from all over the world.It worth noting, that Nikita Anufriev has also delivered a talk at the expo.


Today, our professional team has more than 20 staff members qualified for Internet marketing, design and development, artificial intelligence and big data processing, etc Simon Choi is an international lawyer, qualified to practise law in England & Wales, and in Hong Kong, China.She holds law degrees from UC Davis, CA and Kazan Federal University, Russia, and she is licensed to practice law in both jurisdictions. On multiple occasions, she has successfully navigated international privacy law challenges and developed strategies for multi-jurisdictional data management and attorney reviews.


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    He had every right to be sad, angry, pissed off, frustrated, or just instantly “over it”.

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    Herpes Dating is an exclusively dating site for women and men who are living with Herpes in Canada.

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    She made a striking impression on the other lodgers; George Pendle describes her as "feisty and untamed, proud and self-willed, she stood five foot nine, had a lithe body and blond hair, and was extremely candid." When Helen returned, she found Northrup wearing Helen's own clothes and calling herself Parsons' "new wife." Such conduct was expressly permitted by the O.

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