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Gore, of course, won his Nobel Prize in 2007 for his efforts to draw greater public attention to global warming.

anniversary weeks before and bought an .8 million ocean view mansion in California in late April.

According to an article published by The Washington Post on Friday, the former vice president, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and speaker of truths not convenient has found himself a new lady friend.

Gore has been tied to California activist and donor Elizabeth Keadle, according to the Post, and an unnamed close friend confirmed to ABC News that the two are dating “seriously.”Keadle, whose full name is Mary Elizabeth Keadle, seems to be mostly a private figure, but she’s well known in Democratic circles, has donated to several of the party’s candidates, and like Gore is committed to environmental causes.

Keadle’s occupation is listed as biochemist on donation forms, and she’s cited as a member of the president’s council at the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy, which works to conserve the San Diego–area wetlands.

Keadle (called Liz by her friends) has hosted events to support the conservancy’s efforts, according to a local newspaper.

At the time, they wrote in an email that their separation was “a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration.” While both said there would be no further comment, sources told the Post that fault lines likely first began to appear 10 years earlier, when Gore saw the presidency snatched from his grasp.

It is unclear when Gore began dating Keadle, but sources told the Post that her relationship with Gore was not a factor in the couple’s decision to separate.

From a political perspective, Al and Tipper Gore used their marriage as a counterbalance to the albatross of the Clinton’s marriage when he was vice president.

The Al Gore cheating scandal, which erupted on Tuesday, came as no surprise to some in Washington.


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