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Fox Sports' made the call to let Chris Myers handle the intervew since Erin Andrews is likely still traumatized from Richard Shermans outburst two years ago, and he sopke with Newton about the upcoming Superbowl matchup.

Cam claimed to not know who the Panthers would be playing, and Myers informed him they'd be taking on Peyton Manning and the Denver Brocnos. A sneer, and then a declaration of war on his next target-, "Oh the Sheriff?

A young guy like Cam sprints into the bedroom and just goes buck wild going nonstop and does everything a hundred miles a hour and thinks hes cassanova.

In Ward 3, Steve Fletcher, who was the DFL-endorsed candidate, was elected to replace Frey.

Sex is alot like playing catch, sure you can build up a real strong arm if you play by yourself but its alot more fun with two people.

On to the awards: First of all, scheduling the Champsonship games during the biggest blizzard to hit the East Coast in the last hundred years ensured a ratings bonanza, but it wasnt easy.

First choice votes had Johnson just ahead, with 2,254 to Cunningham's 2,135, so the winner will depend on second and third choice votes.


North Minneapolis is the scene of another close race, in Ward 5, where incumbent Blong Yang trailed rival Jeremiah Ellison – the son of state Rep.

The counting began Wednesday morning and lasted five rounds. You might have already heard of one of Tuesday's historic moments, when Andrea Jenkins became the first openly-transgender person to win election to a city council seat, in Ward 8.


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