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Withholding sex in a "loving" relationship is Emotional Abuse. When I eventually find that person for me, he will behold a whole person, not a broken one. with good-byes, but I cannot let this site shutdown without saying a fond farewell to all of you.

Denying one's partner the bond which cultivates closeness and intimacy with them is Emotional Abuse. I joined ILIASM two years ago, and I would not have survived the last two years of my life without EP.

Earlier this year, I made my decision to pursue an affair.

This option has since morphed into an exit plan from my marriage, but either way, my goal is the same. To that end, not having been seen naked by another man for over twenty years (for the most part), I...



For the first ten years, it was pretty standard fare. I wanted desperately, I tried everything and anything.I see and have experienced magical thinking within dysfunctional... When I got here I knew that I wanted to get out of my SM, but I didn’t have the gumption to do it. Some of you might now be aware we are out there because we SURELY are not going to act like a creep and TELL you...


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