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After over four years of ownership with "G" – Giulietta just doesn't roll of the tongue – I have mixed, but mostly positive, feelings towards one of the most reliable car Alfa's ever produced (up to this point).The Distinctive model was one rung below the proper top of the line hot hatch QV, so with 125k W it wasn't short of power...I do a lot of kilometres each year, so I was looking for a car with relatively low kms on the do that would have excellent fuel economy, would be sporty and be a head-turner.With a budget of under ,000, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta fit the bill...Roberto Fedeli, Alfa Romeo's chief technology officer, has told Auto Express the company is looking to go further upmarket with a new crossover based on the Stelvio...This Giulia Veloce is an upgrade from my Giulietta.


Publicly-held from 1932, the company has been part of the Fiat Chrysler Group since 1986.

Its local lineup includes the The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super makes a compelling case in its fight for the cash of Euro luxury sedan buyers.


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    The B Street Theatre has become something of an institution in Sacramento and the critics keep coming back for more great shows.

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    Somehow the slightly comical video wound up in the hands of actor Harry Shearer, who posted it on Twitter and said: 'Here's forty seconds you'll never get back...'The e-cig - shaped like an actual cigarette - makes only a brief appearance seconds after the conservative host says 'watch this'.

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    The term webcam is a clipped compound used to combine the terms video camera and World Wide Web.

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    His killing “gave him the popularity he never imagined,” Mexía wrote.

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    Marital fidelity is one of our most attractive traits.

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    But after a year of my phone being in perefect condition my parents decided to get me a i Phone 6 plus (which was around 0 at the time) and I took good care of that to.

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    Read more Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.

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    The firm also showed off an augmented reality headset called Holo Lens (pictured) running the software.

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