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Leipoldt agrees that the Sahidic version was completed about A. However, the critical value of those versions cannot be fully realized until we have a more comprehensive study of them, based on critical editions as we already have for the New Testament in Boharic and for the Gospels in Sahidic by Horner. Schleifer and "Bruchstucke der sahidischen Bibelubersetzung," (ibid., vol. (11) Finally, an excellent contribution to the Old-Testament Sachidic fragments by A. A." (Rome, 1904), with forty full-page collotype specimens under special cover. Since the completion of Crum's "Catalogue," the British Museum has acquired a new fragment, Or. Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.

The following is a synopsis of the material on hand for the study of the several Coptic versions. Hebbelynck in his "Manuscripts coptes sahidiques du Monastère Blanc, I", reprinted from the "Muséon" (Louvain, 1911). (2) "The Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Southern Dialect otherwise called Sahidic and Thebaic, with Critical Apparatus, literal English translation, Register of fragments and estimate of the version", I-III (Oxford, 1911), with photographic specimens of the most important manuscripts.

24 texts and 8 fragments are studied in this volume.

Reich, Journal of the American Oriental Society 36 (1936) 168—169.

Republished in UPZ II 205—207, 214—215, 217—221, 226—228.

Not all the texts are edited or reprinted in full and they are not numbered serially.= , ed.


Most of the data already supersede those of the previous site. This latest carries forward the spirit of openness and collaboration that they championed. The quickest way to initiate discussion of updates and abbreviations is to write the papylist, or any one of the individuals named above. It is now considered certain that they were made independently and that their differences are to be traced to a difference between the Greek recensions from which they were translated.


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