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Trying to find a good one can be a hard task, but we have made that job a little easier by compiling a list of the city’s best Thai restaurants – from modern fine dining and industrial chic locations to assuming suburban settings.Both the venue and menu at Longrain reflect the Asian philosophy of sharing spaces and food with those around you.The menu is filled with varying textures and flavours – from sweet and salty to sour and hot, that let the herbs and spices do the talking – and reflects a commitment to featuring only the freshest seasonal produce.Signature dishes include the betel nut leaf, filled with crab and laced with ginger, chili and curry spices, and the spicy stir-fried pork belly, which is coated in Szechuan pepper – all of which are perfectly accompanied by a quintessential Thai salad, made with papaya, prawns, peanuts and a zesty dressing.I like the is of palest green, mixed with pandan noodles and slivers of jackfruit.The pandan noodles are springy to the point of almost being crunchy.The menu has an overwhelming amount of options, but the best place to start is the grilled section, which includes dishes you can’t often find at most Thai restaurants, such as the char-grilled pepper and garlic pork ribs. Chat Thai is THRILLED to announce you can now order takeaway from our Circular Quay shop directly through the Chat Thai app.


The new outlet on Campbell Street is the fourth for the burgeoning Chat Thai empire.

The broth will stay hot in order to simmer the shrimp.

Thai food restaurants in Sydney are a dime a dozen.

The chicken is juicy and tender, and the accompanying dish of chilli dressing is thick and fiery.

is deep-fried whole then coated with an aromatic red curry, heady with kaffir lime, galangal, lemongrass, garlic and palm sugar.

No more waiting in line to order and no more waiting around while we prepare it and, of course, you will get your Rewards points too!


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    The song and sentiment are beautiful with plaintive lap steel guitar: “I will remember I will remember I will remember you… I’m a very dynamic performer and I need this kind of environment so… I really like John Paul White’s music and I’d love to see him live in a quiet sit down club..

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