Love and dating site in paraguay 2016 internet dating profile tips for men

The pitiful option left for men to cope with these times is to “game” their wife—after she took a vow to serve him till death do her part—so that he can rise above the cock offerings that won’t stop coming.

I know what my female readers are thinking: say yes, is not the same as having guys at the ready immediately come over if you just say the words.

On a Friday night in Croatia I took a beautiful girl out for drinks. After she left, I fantasized about having sex with her again.

I was excited that I could take a break and focus on her instead of having to chase new girls.

The minute a man stops using his phone is the minute all potential prospects dry up.

If I take a week off from the game, my phone doesn’t make a beep.

The love she had for her husband was not disturbed unless he went off to war. For women, the smartphone is a bridge to receive offers of penis twenty-four hours a day.

Will she stop receiving “What are you doing this weekend? Peer into a woman’s smartphone and you’ll find Las Vegas, nonstop blinking lights and action.

Peer into a man’s smartphone who isn’t working on his game and you’ll find something out of a country Western with tumbleweeds rolling through.

I’ve been to many countries and it’s no surprise that foreign women with smartphones are much more similar to their American counterparts than the ones without.

Her attention becomes more fragmented, her attitude increases, and she’s less willing to put work into the interaction, symptoms that come from receiving an overload of male attention via a tool that seems to be perfectly designed for it.

I don’t even need to re-charge it once but every three days.


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