Dating non christian okay

The Bible is clear that a Christian is never to marry a non-Christian.

Expecting an unbeliever to become a Christian following marriage is unrealistic and will likely lead to years of frustration and conflict.

Part of Speech: noun masculine A Related Word by Thayers/Strongs Number: from the root of zeugnumi (to join, especially by a "yoke") Citing in TDNT: 6, 301 Strong's G2218 ζυγός zugos dzoo-gos' From the root of ζεύγνυμι zeugnumi (to join, especially by a "yoke"); a coupling, that is, (figuratively) servitude (a law or obligation); also (literally) the beam of the balance (as connecting the scales): - pair of balances, yoke.

But when 30 hit, let’s just say God and me were in a fight.

It felt like everyone I knew was married, including the kids I used to babysit.


There is a special case where a person marries an unbeliever while himself/herself are, likewise, an unbeliever, and only later to become a believer.

The short answer is "no." However, it is good to examine the scripture behind the answer to understand it more completely, including why such a marriage is a bad idea.


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