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Later he flew 62 combat missions in B-26’s in the 320th Bomb Group from Corsica and Sardinia. After having nasal surgery in England, he was grounded and did office duties in squadron headquarters for the duration of the War. He graduated from Turner Field, Albany, GA, S/N: O-820708. According to a ROTC site at University of Missouri found in 2013: "1LT USAAF, Paterson, N. killed in plane crash at Bari, Italy, while returning from a bombing mission over the Ploesti Oil Fields, 7-9-44, Air Medal, Purple Heart". They flew 17 missions and on the 18th mission their B-17B (S/N: 44-8590) severely crashed on takeoff. He became a navigator and was in the 044th Bomb Gp 066th Bomb Sqdn. 19, 1945 he was navigator on a B-24J (S/N: 42-51907) with a crew of 11 on a mission to Neuberg, Germany. It is believed his picture is actually that shown for William H. He flew 96 missions in P-47’s in the 314 Fighter Sqdn, 324th Fighter Gp. He was recalled to active duty for Korean War with the Wisconsin Air National Guard in 1951 and flew F-80’s and F-86’s. He was with the 494th Bomb Gp 866th Bomb Sqdn (per the 494th Bomb Grp web site in 2013). Took training as a navigator at Gowen Field, Idaho. He was in the 484th Bomb Gp 827th Bomb Sqdn as a B-24 Pilot, and flew out of Italy.

After hitting their target, their ship fell behind.

He was a pilot in B-17’s for 13 missions with the 452nd Bomb Group, 730th Bomb Sqdn flying his missions from Deopham Green in England. He was well-known in the 466th Bomb Group and the 96th Combat Wing as one of the most accurate navigators in either. He resided in Huntington until moving to Atlanta, Georgia to join the Economic Development Administration, Business Loan Division. He passed away at the age of 79, just two months short of his 80th Birthday on October 10, 1995.

Afterward he was an Air Traffic Controller at Chicago, IL. He stayed in Albany to instruct in AT-11’s and B-25’s for one year. He flew 35 missions over Germany and also missions to Scotland and France, following D-Day. Following the war, he returned to West Virginia and worked his way from bookkeeper to Secretary-Treasurer of Inland Mutual Insurance Company in Huntington, WV. Charleston, WV He had one son and daughter, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

He brought down two German fighter planes and drove off others as they attacked U.

Flew 69 missions in P-51s over Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands while serving with the 359th Fighter Group, 368th Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force. See and He graduated from Turner Field, S/N: O-820694. Joseph also served in the Korean War flying as the navigator in a B-29 Bomber.


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