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Here is what author James Redfield has to say about dealing with an aloof individual: To deal effectively with someone using an Aloof drama, we must again remember to begin by sending energy.By sending loving energy rather than becoming defensive ourselves, we relieve the pressure to continue the manipulation.Many of my aloof friends know how to push my buttons so that as soon as I’m ready to walk away I get baited back into their game. As with the Poor Me, the Aloof strategy comes from situations in the past.Usually, the Aloof could not share freely as a child because it was threatening or dangerous to do so.The idea is to draw us in, yet keep us at a distance.

” My dog Ollie knows how to deploy the aloof strategy of energy stealing.If you have a tendency to keep others at arm’s length I encourage you to explore your own ability to trust your loved ones and more important yourself.Trust can help you build the foundation for healthy, strong inter-personal relationships.The Aloof believes that the world is full of people who can’t be trusted with intimate information.

She thinks the information will be used against her at a later date, or will be the basis of criticism.And as always, these assumptions flow out from the Aloof to influence the kinds of events that occur, fulfilling the unconscious intention.


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