China popular dating show

” Although high ratings attest to the popularity of the shows, many in the audience still express their objection to the behaviors and values of the contestants.

“You can see the show as a reflection of our society today,” writes a netizen from Nanjing on

Earlier this year 24-year-old Melbourne-born Phoebe Lay found herself in Shanghai on a televised dating show called "One in a Hundred".

The jury of single women ask questions of the guy, watch intro videos and press light buttons to decide if he's date-worthy. If he survives the "trial," then he gets the chance to pick one of the girls to ask out on a date.

Think Tinder if it were turned into a Chinese gameshow. The show, which averaged 36 million viewers per episode in 2013, is the highest rated dating program in China.

Then one day they caught wind of news a Chinese dating show was coming to Australia for auditions.


Initially I was extremely reluctant, but after some serious convincing conceded to go to the Melbourne audition, just to meet new people. " I was worried all my answers would come up on a screen, including my income!Cao Kefan (曹可凡), presenter of Shanghai's Dragon TV claims a large part of these dating shows is just staged acts.


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