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e-Book News It is a truth too rarely acknowledged, that a commuter in possession of a sophisticated electronic device, must be in want of a good book.

Hypertext blogger Steve Johnson, paraphrasing Jane Austen RECENT NEWS Since April last year, we’ve been doing something new with news.

For an ebook distributor to succeed in a developing market they need to adapt to methodologies, in particular payment mechanisms, already prevalent in that market… What book-lover hasn’t at least thought about bringing his e-reader into the bath, shower, or even the pool? But bathtub reading isn’t a problem with the new 0 Kobo Aura H2O, a waterproof E Ink e-reader that can survive being dunked in more than 3 feet of water for 30 minutes…


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    You can even save your advanced searches, so that you can save time the next time you carry out searches.

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    Mouse over "My profile" menu and find "Photo & Video" section. There you will see gray icon with a smiley face - click on it, please. Afterwards the system will propose you to confirm your new E-mail address. After registration on Ua Dreams or changing your e-mail adress please check your e-mail.

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    It anchored before the walls of the city on 1 June, started the bombardment the next day, and on 6 June the inhabitants capitulated.

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