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"Who needs convincing when the facts are all there? "Where's today's Woodward & Bernstein in the media looking into this stuff? If you ever wondered whether Arkansas is just another banana republic, you'll have no more doubts after reading this book Obstruction of Justice on VHS.

" The Clinton Body Bags Clinton's Hit List Can somebody kindly explain these "coincidences" . The amazing story of drugs, murders, and betrayal by Arkansas government officials The Clinton Hit List Prevent Truth Decay: The Clinton Body Count Clinton Scandals Body Count - A Darkness Across The Land Clinton's Kiss of Death "There is less evidence against 90% of the people on death row than these troopers have brought forth relative to Bill Clinton and his activities" Clinton Casualties A "Casualty" is defined as anyone threatened with harm or actually harmed because of their knowledge of and/or involvement in one or more of the Clinton Scandals Update to Clinton's body count... - Mar 01, 1999 Political Dysfunction A Call to Action links to victims of Arkancides Clinton's Legacy by Dr.

Yet, it seems that no investigations have been launched to determine exactly what happened in these instances Bill Clinton Murders The Mena Coverup When young Bill Clinton in 1974 made his first run for political office, a crucial ,000 loan was arranged for him by his uncle, Raymond Clinton, who has been tied to the Hot Springs Mafia.

"every attempt to pull back the rock on Mena has been thwarted"; how Arkansas was "America's Banana Republic"; how dirty money went to finance firms run by Clinton's friends, who could then make very nice campaign contributions to him; more about ADFA "At the Bottom of the Barrel" - May 07, 1996 How involved was Clinton in Mena?


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    Neighboring Washington and Clackamas counties announced that they were studying Multnomah County's legal opinion, but did not plan to immediately follow suit.

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