Updating agv on vista

During our testing, we noticed that AVG Driver Updater works pretty fast, performing the scans in just a few seconds. It is a good solution for diagnosing your system and keeping your drivers up-to-date.By doing so, you make sure the computer will function at top performance, without risking lags and crashes.AVG Driver Updater starts by connecting to the cloud and comparing its database with versions installed on the target system, so as to detect outdated drivers.Despite its name, AVG Driver Updater does not only look for out-of-date drivers, but can also retrieve information regarding necessary software and Windows updates.He is a lifelong computer geek and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology.



Then, left click on 'Scheduler' to highlight and then left click on 'Scheduled Tasks' at the lower part of that window.

AVG Driver Updater also features backup and restore capabilities, allowing you to create safe copies of specific driver sets and restore them with ease in case anything goes wrong.



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