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This place was built from a blank page and we built it exactly how we wanted it, said Ross.

Ive taken on some local clients where the mares will just come in and foal.

Just before the first staircase, there is an entrance in the rocks on the right hand side into a gold mine dating back to 1909. Follow the link below to download a printable map of the tracks.

Parihaka Reserve tracks map [164kb] Look out for a spur that leads to a former well defended pā site with interpretation.

It passes the memorial plaque to Norman Drummond, a keen botanist, who donated 24 acres of bush to the community in the 1940’s.

At the end of Dundas Road, the Ross Track follows an attractive stream up through the bush.


Parihaka mountain bike trails map [819kb] There are three high quality, all weather walking tracks along the Hatea River and up the slopes to the summit of Mount Parihaka.

For detailed information about the Hatea Walkway, follow the link below.

Listed winners: 2006 Ordeal Trotting Cup (Jasmyns Gift) 2007 Three Year Old Ruby (Springbank Richard) 2008 4 year old Ruby (Springbank Richard) 2009 Ordeal Trotting Cup (Springbank Richard) 4 year old Trotters Championship (Larix)Group Three 2008 4 year old Trotters Championship (Springbank Richard) 2009 DG Jones Trotting Cup (Springbank Richard) 2009 Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (Springbank Richard) 2010 DG Jones Trotting Cup (Springbank Richard) 2013 Trotters Championship (Phils Gift)Its (deer fencing) cost us an arm and a leg.

Star Commander, the hot favourite which was slow to begin, caught the field and made his move with 800 metres to run, looping the field to sit parked beside Smooth Mara. Williamson has won the Southland Drivers Premiership for the past eight years but this year he's been challenged by former premiership winner Brent Barclay who drives primarily for the powerful Brett Gray stable.

The Bettors Delight gelding settled four back on the inside after the early rush for positions with Smooth Mara leading out.The track winds its way up through a bush valley and on through a grove of very large kauri.


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