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The problem was that the record company wanted something else.

“We weren’t really the bubblegum pop they were after.

Aino Jawo, 27, bounces across the stage of the enormous Honda Center, in Anaheim, south of Los Angeles.

“It was so cool, the way we were drawn to each other straight away and started talking about music.Aino can’t stop laughing, still holding the sole in her hand and demonstrating how she stumbled about trying to make it look like part of the routine.The stage costumes are off and now it’s all about jumpsuits and black jeans.Tonight's the night ✨ @pekingduk are on their way to headline our huge BURST Christmas party with special guests @iconapop. Hur accepterat det samhällsklimatet är, där män fått förgripa sig ostört gång efter gång på oss kvinnor och förminska oss öppet.

pic.twitter.com/WDg Nb Ti7F3 Alexander bard påminner oss om varför det har fått gått till som det har gjort.

They didn’t even want to release ‘I love it’,” says Caroline. We decided to end the contract and stop working with people we didn’t want to work with.



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