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(It has been described by our SMEs as a “Holy-shit-bad-idea-mode”, and pilots weren’t scored a kill during training if they used this mode).

All of these radar modes have now been implemented and their functionality improved over the past few months.

While we’ll go through these displays in more detail in upcoming updates, videos and the manual - one can simplify the distinction and note that the DDD is akin to a raw radar scope display, while the TID is a computer processed overview of that same data.

Thus, a skilled operator will have to be proficient in using both the DDD and TID displays to achieve maximum efficacy.

You can slave the TCS to your currently locked radar target, or vice-versa if you’ve acquired a target using only your TCS.



He says further: “The primary purpose of the F-14 is to act as a weapons platform.In SEAM slave mode, the Sidewinder’s seeker head is slaved to the target that is locked with either the radar or TCS (Television Camera System) and starts tracking the target before the missile comes off the rail.The seeker can be commanded to SEAM lock by a pilot HOTAS button. One of the most unique features of the F-14 is the optical sensor known as the Television Camera System.To some extent, JESTER AI is now able to operate some of these modes as well.

Modeling the AWG-9 in great detail will make the experience of being an F-14 RIO great fun and challenging- as well as accurately representing the real world effectiveness of the F-14.

While ground mapping is, perhaps, not as useful in an F-14 as in the Viggen- it can still be a helpful tool in bad weather, navigation and low light flight situations.


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