Lauren graham dating scott patterson

Were you happy with the show creatively this season? For the last episode, we tried to match the final shot with the first scene from the pilot, so we went back and watched the pilot - which I haven't seen for so long.



It started with this mother-daughter relationship, and we haven't been a show where big events happen.

For some people I'm sure that was great, but I would find myself in long scenes where I was not rattling on, and it was just really weird to me. And in order to imagine moving forward - which I was imagining at the time - I really hoped they would recognize the different job I was doing. When the creator of the show is gone, the actors end up being the people who have been there the longest. Graham: My feeling was [the episode] just felt too light to me - even as a season finale.


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    But then comes the family pressure, and for Whitney, the career pressure, and many are forced to choose.

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