Are barry and chris on ghost hunters dating rules for dating a flight attendant

All the evidence we were collecting was outside, but that then began to make sense to us.

We said, ‘Well, it seems that the exorcism was successful, but you do have things happening outside the plantation,’ including the lights in the trees and the cave system along with the shadow in the cave.

Charlie and Bella notice stange occurences in their house so they decide to call in TAPS.

And what happens when fine lines are crossed with the other investigators? Whose to say that more didn't go on behind the camera than what we realized. Story includes comedy, horror, suspense, and the family side of TAPS... Almost all of those times, though, had been happy memories.

We searched that building from top to bottom looking for all these different types of activity, but we actually found it in another part of the plant that we were least expecting to find it in.

I’m not quite sure what was going on and I have to say that my gut instinct was telling me, ‘This isn’t right.

It was really tough to get that episode done and by the time it was all over we were exhausted, but we absolutely enjoyed it through and through.


“We had a fantastic couple of cases in Trinidad, one of which that really stands out for me is Chacachacare Island,” says Fitz Gerald.That proved to be a great learning curve for us because as with many superstitions or legends there is always a spark that creates some smoke.It’s a matter of then getting to the bottom of that to see what is actually going on, and I have to say that we saw for ourselves that there was something weird going on up in Lopinot.“There were some time constraints with this episode so we weren’t able to fit everything in, but we really battled the elements on that island.

On the way across we lost motor blades on the boats and when we finally arrived on the island a storm kicked up, so we battled that as we tried to get our equipment onto the pier.Since 2008, Ghost Hunters International has traveled the globe, its team members using their knowledge of the paranormal and technical know-how to try to substantiate -- or debunk -- claims of ghostly sightings.


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