Who is jonathan silverman dating

Subject of the email was ‘Chabloz case’ and the author claimed to be an old college friend of the judge, saying my case was a very important one ‘for us’.

Despite the author’s name and address being redacted by the court, he gave enough details about himself to reveal that he was none other than former co-vice Chair of the Zionist Federation, Jonathan Hoffman who was indeed present in court that day alongside his fellow Zionist ideologue, David Collier.



Even more perversely, since April 2015, I have regularly received anonymous postal deliveries either addressed to me nominally (unsigned birthday and Christmas cards) as well as various sales catalogues addressed to ‘Mrs Holocaust Denier’.

https://t.co/e Uswxaz W05 — Steve Silverman (@SSilv UK) August 17, 2017Above: One might wonder why anonymous ‘Freebird’ deleted the tweet quoted by Mr Silverman – especially after ‘liking’? Perhaps his notion of chutzpah is waning and, understandably, he’d be feeling somewhat nervous?



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