Its industrial activity is not great, but there are manufactures of machinery, chemicals, paper, tobacco and sugar; these are made chiefly in or near the large towns, while the linen-weaving is practiced as a domestic industry.

The heir to the Prussian Crown bears the title of Governor of Pomerania.Formerly, pilgrimages to the site were not to be organized by official Church groups, though the faithful could make them privately or through other organizations.Now, the stance on officially-organized pilgrimages will open.It can be reasonably inferred the free laborers on the estate were very poor.

It is likely that Daniel and Helene Bruss strained every conceivable resource to the limit in order to enable their adult children to emigrate to the New World where they, too, could own land.

It was not as rich agriculturally as Mecklenburg, had fewer small farms, and more great estates.


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