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Until very recently I was paying for a lot and this coming month I'll be working again and in a better curriculum (I'm not working at the moment by her insistence).We got into an all out fight over it and she refuses to call before she comes over (which is all I told her I asked). I'm glad we never lived near her/had a place that we shared. I would just sit her down and say "Look, I understand that you pay for the house and I am truly grateful to have my own space so I can become more self sufficient.

This comes from when I lived with them and my mom would do this same thing...

She also blamed it all on my dad and told me she was "doing it all for him because he was so upset." She even made comments about my boyfriend not being much of a man because of the way he was disposing of the condoms... The one that gets emptied everytime there's a slight chance somones going to come in there or it's full. What does she think she's going to find while snooping? However, I can't be self sufficient if you keep coming in and cleaning things up and overreacting or making judgments on things that you find. I'd like a bit of respect and support that i can be an adult.


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    Unless you’re on Bumble (a female-driven app that requires the girl to initiate the conversation before the guy can say anything), the majority of dating sites and apps seem to enlist an unspoken stand-off when it comes to who should make the first move.

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    She's a throwback to a time when the girl next door was the just the type of bad girl you needed, especially when she's rocking tight booty shorts and a polka dot lingerie set that perfectly holds her all-natural tits together.

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