Ed westwick dating leighton meester Mobilesex dating usa

Jessica tried to apologize, but Ed was so heartbroken that he didn’t give her a second chance. This star has also had a fling with Drew.(*interesting*) They both were spotted kissing in an Gossip Girl after party but they soon ended it as if it never started.

She is 12 years older than him, maybe this was the reason.

Fans flocked from all over Australia to get a glimpse at TV’s most charming baddie, Ed Westwick.


Know all the gossips and rumors and Edward Westwick Girlfriend Wiki Details!

Ed has been one most the most famous English stars in America.

He has starred in the movies like ‘Breaking and Entering’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Last Flight’, etc.

Ed has been dating several girls on and off after then.


He was spotted many times with several girls whom we didn’t know.MTV: Ok, but is it true that your co-star Leighton Meester asked you to do some vocals for her new album? Ed: Yep I know Rob, and people tell me that I look like him. MTV: But it’s safe to say you’re not after his role in ‘Breaking Dawn’ then? MTV: You once said that as an Englishman, James Bond would be your ideal film role.



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