Best dating cities 2016

To find the 20 best cities for 20-somethings, we looked for places that have affordable rent, plenty of jobs, spots to break a sweat, happy and healthy residents, and endless opportunities to meet that special someone.

For the full list of metrics used to put together this ranking, scroll to the bottom of the list.

), but there’s also a new set of go-to destinations for young people—some of which are quite surprising (see: Madison, WI).

Of course, picking a city to live in is a personal choice.

Its economic engine is churning, creating new jobs for the recent college grads of several nearby colleges.

And all that young blood is forcing the downtown area to transform. Twenty-somethings can spend time exploring the city’s rich historical sites such as the Pentagon, which makes for a surprisingly fun Tinder date (just trust us).

Many people dream of trading their small, suburban towns for the bright lights of New York or Los Angeles.



But successful millennials seem to think it's worth it—in fact, they now make up the city's largest group of renters.It's also a health-minded hub with juice bars and boutique fitness studios on nearly every corner.


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