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Openers include David in the Dark, The Town Heroes, The Space Age and Cassie Josephine and Gabriel Minnikin.&picture=https://cdn.fashionmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Just-Sarah-photo-credit-lindsey-byrnes-extralarge_1495228959934-800x1135.jpg&description=When a band seems to embody the zeitgeist perfectly, it’s impossible to parse where culture’s influence on the band ends and where its influence on culture begins; it looks symbiotic and inevitable. Like with raising a child (or electing a president), all sorts of factors combine over time to create artists who seem perfectly of the moment.The Music Room, 6181 Lady Hammond Road, pm-pm, Glory to those who have their tickets, else you will not hear Akon's classics like "Lonely" and "I'm So Paid" and be able to enjoy the #tbt vibe of the whole thing.Pacifico, 1505 Barrington Street 7pm-2am, sold out, July 1Baldwin brings his straight-shooting Bruce Springsteen cosplay to the Marquee on this, the most Canadian of days.

The Syrup Factory, 7pm, sold out OUT OF TOWNIf you love Mike Reno's voice (OK) enough to drive out to Moncton to hear "Working For the Weekend" live (hmm) then here's a midsummer concert just for you.They come here a lot though, so put that on your pros and cons list.



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