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NBC's Days of our Lives presented a whirlwind of casting decisions to fans in 2015, one of them being the decision to bring Jason Cook (ex-Matt Hunter, General Hospital) back in the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady.

Soon after, however, came news that Cook would be replaced by the character's other former portrayer, Brandon Beemer (ex-Owen Knight, The Bold and the Beautiful). According to DAYS' executive producer, Ken Corday, the show tried very hard to make a deal with Cook to return full-time after the soap's 50th anniversary, but the actor -- who played the role from 1999 to 2006 -- wasn't interested.

Bo wouldn’t just stay away for that long without getting in touch with anyone.

Viewers know that Bo has been held against his will, but he’ll soon make it back to reunite with his family.

Still, many viewers will enjoy any version of Shawn they can get.

“Days of Our Lives” rumors suggest that Shawn will have some great storylines coming up as he gets back in the Salem groove.

So we were forced into making the decision." Luckily, Shawn's other popular portrayer, Beemer, was available.



“Days of Our Lives” producers may have wanted to give a little nod to the past for the 50th anniversary by bringing in Cook first.

Besides, Shawn will probably have his doubts about the idea of Bo (Peter Reckell) abandoning Hope.

Shawn will likely believe there’s a reasonable explanation for Bo’s absence.

However, since Cook didn’t want to stick around, it’d be smart to have Beemer fill his shoes.

It might not be as jarring if fans get to see another old favorite playing the part.“Days of Our Lives” spoilers tease that Shawn Douglas Brady (Jason Cook) is finally coming home.



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