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The knee-jerk reaction seemingly everyone responds with isn’t entirely unfounded.Noyaux contain a substance called amygdalin, which breaks down during digestion to become sinister hydro-cyanic acid.dessert, but we don’t cut a fat slice of layer cake for the vitamins and minerals, ya know? That halo of luxury has a habit of extending itself all the way to the ingredients, leading us to believe the more we splurge on top notch ingredients, the more delicious the results.It sounds like a totally rational theory until you remember bread pudding and the market value of stale baguette.

Roast the kernels/noyaux another 15 minutes to make sure you’ve destroyed the amygdalin, then use the noyaux as you would any roasted nut. Magical recipes, thrifty baking and no reason to accuse Colonel Mustard, in the kitchen, with the peach pits…They have a mild, intriguingly nutty flavor and a hint of whatever fruit they rode into town with.



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