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He was placed in a dirty disgusting motel because it was the only place he could find to live. He had to be in his motel room from 6pm until 7am daily.He could not attend church services and church support groups due to this time constraint. The motel was very expensive and between that and paying for probation and counseling, he was finding himself further and further in the hole financially.My husband and I wanted him to come live with us for awhile, while he got adjusted to life on the outside and got on his feet.He was not allowed to do so because we live within 1,000 ft. So he had to go to a different county, where he had no support system.He eventually started drinking again and violated parole by staying out too late. I was allowed to stay, November 2002 I was to register again—my birthday.If I told them I lived at a shelter— I would be thrown out—if I stayed on the streets I would not have a [sic] address to give—violation.In the other states and municipalities, residency restriction laws apply to all registered offenders, regardless of whether their crimes involved children.The number of residency restrictions in the US continues to grow, in part because of the horrific abduction, rape, and murder of nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford in 2005.


After the residency restriction went into effect in 2005, 114 moved, 74 have been charged with violating the ordinance, and others disappeared.At least 20 states have enacted laws that prohibit certain sex offenders from living within a specified distance of schools, daycare centers, parks, and other places where children congregate (for a list of residency restriction statutes by state, see Appendix).


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