Ijustine dating

Now, Justine is giving friends and fans a look behind the scenes, sharing never-before-told stories about the hilarious (and sometimes heartbreaking) reality of sharing your life online.


These days, i Justine is a one-woman new media phenomenon: The popular techie, gamer, vlogger, and digital influencer has an army of nearly 3.5 million subscribers across multiple You Tube channels, with total views approaching half a billion.

She is such an inspiration, and I I learned a lot more about her as a person, and found that I admire her even more.

This memoir follows Justine’s geeky life, starting with being in a hacking/gaming club that had their own t-shirts.

She has received numerous awards for her dedication and work, and I am definitely glad that I pre-ordered my copy of this. I teared up in parts, but mostly I spent my reading time trying to stifle my laughter so as to not wake up my sleeping husband!


Her writing is honest, hilarious, and conversational.While I always enjoyed her as an entertainer and admired the hard work that goes into creating a constant stream of content like she does, I did not know just how far she had to come to be the famous i Justine that she is today.



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