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The fussy controls tend to be daunting at first, though the i Drive system isn’t as exasperating as it used to be. Buick is in the process of shedding its stodgy image with a product resurgence led by the sporty, refined, competitive, and affordable Regal.

Most other models are luxurious and refined, with beautiful interiors, and one of the most straightforward touch-screen radio and navigation systems in the business.

The SRX feels heavy and not that engaging, the XTS is a large front-wheel-drive sedan that feels like it’s from Cadillac’s past, and the Escalade is just a large, old-school SUV.

Capitalizing on its down-home American reputation, Chevrolet sells a full lineup, from subcompacts and family sedans to large SUVs and pickup trucks. For the most part, sedans such as the Malibu and Impala are compellingly quiet and comfortable, if not the most fuel efficient.

Cadillac has been chasing European luxury brands such as BMW by building cars and SUVs with edgy, uniquely American styling and impressively finished interiors.

As Audi moves to more compact vehicles, though, fit-and-finish blind spots reveal themselves.

They may not be quite the ultimate driving machines anymore, but most BMWs are responsive, comfortable, and fuel-efficient.

Its pickups and SUVs succeed more by providing economical functionality with few frills.


Chevrolet has committed to electric drive with the Volt plug-in.Honda’s upscale brand makes cars and SUVs that offer an appealing combination of generally good reliability, luxury features, and strong resale value.


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