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In the Chinese literary tradition, works such as Bian er Zhai and Jin Ping Mei survived the many purges to record the homoerotic climate of their time.

Today, the Japanese anime subgenre yaoi centers on gay youths.

It was believed that a man and youth who were in love with each other would fight harder and with greater morale.

A classic example of a military force built upon this belief is the Sacred Band of Thebes.

Japan is unusual in that the culture's male homoerotic art has typically been the work of female artists addressing a female audience, mirroring the case of lesbian eroticism in western art.

In the twentieth century, entertainers such as Noël Coward, Madonna, k.d.

This is exemplified by traditional relations between men in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, non-postmodern Latin America and Southern Europe, Involves partners of different ages, usually one adolescent and the other adult.

This type of relationship is exemplified by the institution of pederasty among the Classical Greeks or those engaged in by novice samurai with more experienced warriors; southern Chinese, and Congolese, that in ancient Greece, egalitarian relationships co-existed (albeit less privileged) with the institution of pederasty, and fascination with adolescents can also be found in modern sexuality, both opposite-sex and same-sex.


Same-sex marriage refers to the institutionalized recognition of such relationships in the form of a marriage; civil unions may exist in countries where same-sex marriage does not.

In Iranian (Persian) societies homoeroticism was present in the work of such writers as Abu Nuwas and Omar Khayyam.

A large corpus of literature, numbering in the hundreds of works, fostered the shudo tradition in Japan, together with a widespread tradition of homoerotic shunga art.

Entails each partner assuming an opposite gender role.


One partner is cisgender, while the other is androgynous or transgender, and thus the couple superficially bears some resemblance to a heterosexual(heteronormative) couple.

Egalitarian same-sex relationships are the principal form present in the Western world.



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