Victorian furniture dating

Even the experts that deal in antiques for a living, still need good sources of information to refer too.But, even without refering to a list of manufacturers antique marks there are a few basics on china marks that you can commit to memory to help you date most antiques.However, these quilts were made from 1880 until the late 1890's.Any Crazy quilt containing a date prior to 1879, would most likely indicate a special date from the family's history.The addition of a triple border is unusual for a quilt of this time and actually the only one I have ever owned.The main body of the quilt was created using 12 blocks with 15” sides and then adding a 6” triple border on two sides and a smaller border top and bottom.What few people are aware of is that it’s not just the name of the company such as moorcroft, rookwood, worcester or doulton that may be there, but also a number of other things used by the manufacturer, designer or artists and placed in or around the mark itself. The company name itself only gives the appraiser a rough timeline of when the company was known to operate.



This is probably why the Victorian kite mark was changed to a Registration serial number in 1884.

The name of the pottery manufacturer and an approximate date of manufacture can be discovered if the piece of pottery has a backstamp or the silver item has a hallmark.

A makers mark that they have learned over many years spent researching and studying antique marks.

During the height of the Victorian era, homes could not have enough embellishment.


Women wholeheartedly threw themselves into decorating every inch of the floors, walls and furniture.The culture of the times was full of symbolism, poetry and romance.


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