Whos ne yo dating


He incorporated the lyrics from his song “Make Me Better” and pulled out a 10-carat diamond ring. I told him, “Our family should be in LA with you,” but he was adamant that his family grow up in Atlanta.I would travel to see him sometimes, but as the pregnancy progressed I could no longer fly.I trusted him so much that it never even crossed my mind that he hadn’t gone through with it.But then, in June 2013 — just two months before our August wedding — Ne-Yo called.We were in a suite, and he told everybody to be quiet.He pulled my hand, dropped down to one knee, and I immediately started crying. Our home base was in Atlanta, but he spent most of his time working in Los Angeles.Of course I knew that he would, you know, in my head, he was going to sow his oats and come back home when he was ready.



We first met in 2009 at a Jamie Foxx concert in Louisiana.Actually, it was all good – pleasantly surprised.”“Honestly, we haven’t gotten an official word, but since we were a franchise, you know, we’re just all under the assumption that, unfortunately, we were not going to come back as well.But, like I said, we haven’t gotten any letters or anything, so no official word, so we’re still hopeful – definitely me because I need to tell the other side of my story.”“I’m dating the same someone [as the last time she and I talked], but let’s not get too happy, but I’m seeing other people – it’s not anything serious.He asked me out several times before I said yes — and then I fell for him fast.

He had such a good heart, and that’s what attracted me to him. It wasn’t a complete surprise, as we weren’t using protection, and we knew instantly that this child was a gift from God.After starting a family, I fell more in love than ever.



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    The sample included 19,131 participants who had been married once between 20, and were asked where they met – was it online dating sites; email or instant messaging; online communities such as chat rooms or virtual reality games; or social networking sites.

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