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Jenny asked if I would look at it for her; I told her I would but it would take a few days. Looking up at me, she asked, “Tell me what you want, my pet.” “Eat my cunt,” I demanded. Dr Meg: And I am guessing it is lesbian porn where one person seduces another. We will pretend this never happened, I will still pay you for the night and you will be free to continue to babysit Max if you are comfortable with knowing what you now know.” Her mind was clearly processing all my terms, all my words and all the things I was doing to her body.

A couple of days later, after doing some routine computer maintenance I had her computer running as fast as when it was new. “I need to come so baaaaaad.” “Tell me you are a lezzie-slut,” she demanded back, flicking my clit with her tongue. Jenny78ph: Yes Dr Meg: and I am also guessing it is one where one woman dominates and controls another. Dr Meg: And you are the submissive one, because after being high strung and stressed at school or work, you want to just let go and be told what to do. If there was an internal struggle between good girl Jenny and sexually curious Jenny it was a short one.

I have lots of experience at helping people to release stress. I guess the usual high school things: being popular, getting good grades, scholarship writing, and relationships, I guess. I moved back down and asked, “Does my dear want her pussy licked? “Tell me what you want, my pet,” I purred, my hot breath on her pussy. Her nectar was so sweet and she was already dripping wet.

I should advice you that my treatment is very unorthodox and you must be very honest with me if you want true release. 15 minutes later Jenny replied: Thanks for the e-mail. Trying to dig deeper, I asked a question while reassuring she was not unlike most teenagers: Those are very common teenage stresses. It was only seconds before she responded: It is just hard to be yourself in high school, I guess. I knew her first orgasm would come quick as her moans implied she was already close to climatic bliss.

Only through complete honesty will I be able to really help you with more than superficial advice like you get on that teen site. She screamed, “Oooooooo myyyyyyyyyy god.” Her orgasm quaked through her and the shy, reserved babysitter came sexually alive.

As expected, she replied almost immediately: Please send me the survey and I promise to answer it honestly. As she writhed and screamed from her first real sexual orgasm, I continued pleasing her, already attempting to build a second orgasm in my new pet even as the first one had not yet subsided. The hesitation was brief before she responded as expected, “Yes, I understand, Mistress Megan.” “Good girl,” I purred, knowing that a true submissive lives and breathes for compliments.

She came over dressed in an adorable flower sundress and I was still planning her seduction. I can’t believe that,” I said, “you are way too pretty to have had three or four boyfriends already.” “Well, I am not sure I even want to date.” “Well, they are exhausting,” I joked. She always went to a music website and played tunes online as she surfed. I felt fireworks in my head, chills to my entire body and a euphoria I didn’t know possible as my orgasm hit. She looked pleadingly into my eyes, secretly begging for me to please her.

I asked her a couple of questions, but first I complimented her. She giggled, “That is what I hear.” “So you have never had a boyfriend. ” I asked, opening the door for the plan already formulating in my head. N-n-no, I….” “I was just kidding, Jenny,” I saved her, my hand again going to her arm fleetingly. “I find,” I said hoping to enhance her curiosity, “that only women understand what women need.” After a pause, I joked, as I handed her computer to her, “Well, that is probably in the way too much information for you category. Next she always checked her e-mail and had her MSN chat program on. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I screamed, babbling incoherently as my brain went blank and sexual enlightenment poured through me. Your fantasy turned me on a lot and told me so much about you. I moved in for a kiss so soft, just brushing her tender lips. I nibbled on her ear lobe, my hot breath flowing into her ear. I then whispered, “Jenny.” She whispered back, almost inaudible, “Yes.” “Are you ready?

She doesn’t even acknowledge I exist and she is a bitch to everyone below her, yet I can’t help but think about being dominated by her. Last question: One secret that no one knows about you: I like to masturbate while wearing pantyhose and no underwear as I love the silky feeling on my legs and vagina. Jenny’s responses answered all my questions and I knew she would be easy prey. I asked, “Does my pet babysitter want to get fucked? She was so drenched, my cock filled her completely and as I started pumping in and out she began to get animated.If I learn you lied to me, I will quit the treatment instantly.” After double checking my questions, I sent the email. Name: Jenny Age: 18 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Favorite Movie: A Walk to Remember Favorite Band: Tegan & Sara Three passions: Reading, writing, movies What is your biggest stress: Getting into Harvard. I went downstairs; pulled out the new strap-on I had bought for this very occasion and returned to a hungry suddenly insatiable teenager. Jenny wanted to be a lesbian, Jenny is submissive and I just pushed her over the edge to discover her true nature, to accept her true sexuality.


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